Date Flight Reg From To Dist Dep Arr Airline Aircraft Seat
1999-06-09 PRG IBZ 1,611 FFR B733 E L
1999-06-13 IBZ PRG 1,611 FFR B733 E L
2001-10-08 OSR PRG 280 FFR B733 W E L
2001-10-08 PMI OSR 1,654 FFR B733 E L
2002-07-17 8F3316 IBZ PRG 1,611 FFR B733 E L
2006-04-19 LH3531 VIE FRA 621 DLH B733 W 12F E L
2018-10-04 IB8758 BCN LEN 657 ANE E L
2018-10-04 VY8715 VIE BCN 1,371 E L
2018-10-06 BA1404 LHR MAN 241 BAW E L
2018-10-06 BA7058 MAD LHR 1,247 BAW E L
2018-10-06 BA7175 OVD MAD 401 BAW E L
2018-11-29 UX 6096 PMI MAD 546 AEA E L
2018-11-29 UX 4014 VLC PMI 275 AEA E L
2018-11-29 VK1060 VIE VLC 1,667 E L
2018-11-30 TO 3458 OPO FNC 1,193 E L
2018-11-30 UX 1147 MAD OPO 439 AEA E L
2018-12-01 TP 1738 PXO LIS 909 E L
2018-12-01 NT 930 FNC PXO 58 IBB E L
2018-12-02 SN2905 BRU VIE 925 BEL E L
2018-12-02 TP 646 LIS BRU 1,720 E L
2011-08-14 OU665 9A-CQE Zag DBV ZAG 394 CTN W 7F E L
2011-08-13 OU673 9A-CQF Pri PUY ZAG 192 CTN W 5F E L
2011-08-13 OU674 9A-CQF Pri ZAD PUY 145 CTN W 5F E L
2011-08-13 OU664 9A-CTF Rij ZAG DBV 394 CTN W 5A E L
2011-08-14 OU656 9A-CTG Zad ZAG SPU 245 CTN W 4F E L
2015-06-24 KM0515 9H-AEK San VIE MLA 1,376 AMC W 21F E L
2015-06-30 KM0512 9H-AEK San MLA VIE 1,376 AMC W 5A E L
2011-09-05 KM512 9H-AEL Mar MLA VIE 1,376 AMC W 24A E L
2016-10-07 KM515 9H-AEN Bor VIE MLA 1,376 AMC W 9F E L
2016-10-11 KM514 9H-AEP Nad MLA VIE 1,376 AMC W 9F E L
2011-08-26 KM513 9H-AEQ Tar VIE MLA 1,376 AMC A 13D E L
2009-04-01 EK128 A6-ECD Boe VIE DXB 4,228 UAE B777 A 17G E L
2009-04-16 EK127 A6-ECG Boe DXB VIE 4,228 UAE B777 A 10F B L
2009-04-16 EK385 A6-EMO Boe BKK DXB 4,908 UAE B777 38D E L
2009-04-02 EK384 A6-EMX Boe DXB BKK 4,908 UAE B777 17D E L
2017-10-27 9C8515 B-6821 PVG HND 1,741 CQH M 9E E L
2017-05-20 LA704 CC-BGI MAD FRA 1,423 LAN A 33C E L
2017-11-24 S4321 CS-TGU Ter LIS PDL 1,450 RZO W 1A B L
2017-11-27 S4220 CS-TKK Cor PDL LIS 1,450 RZO W 20A E L
2017-11-27 TP618 CS-TNP Ale LIS BRU 1,720 W 6A L
2017-11-26 SP435 CS-TRB Gra PIX PDL 256 W 2D E L
2017-11-25 SP476 CS-TRD Man TER PIX 119 W 4F E L
2017-11-24 SP408 CS-TRG San PDL TER 167 W 21D E L
2017-11-24 TP1307 CS-TTU Sop PRG LIS 2,232 W 4A L
2011-06-29 LH3088 D-ABEB Xan DUS VIE 789 DLH B733 W 12A E L
2010-08-28 LH4996 D-ABEC Kar DUS KEF 2,216 DLH B733 W 8F E L
2012-06-30 LH2987 D-ABEE Ulm KEF DUS 2,216 DLH B733 A 12D E L
2010-09-04 LH4999 D-ABEN Neu KEF HAM 2,169 DLH B733 W 11A E L
2012-06-22 LH3095 D-ABJB Rhe VIE DUS 789 DLH B735 W 11A E L
2017-03-26 EW5833 D-ABNE STN VIE 1,239 EWG W 17A E L

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